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Baling wire single loop ties

Baling Wire

Ely Enterprises sells and stocks a full range of industrial baling wire and supplies for all of your baling needs.

The right baling wire for your vertical baler, horizontal baler, auto-tie or two-ram baler.

Baling Wire

Baling wire Galv HT

We carry a complete selection of baling wire that ranges from standard bale ties for your vertical, all the way up to a coil of baling wire for your two-ram baler. With bale wire in stock we are able to ship most baling wire same day.

Finding the right baling wire for you

  1. Find out the length of wire you require by measuring the distance the wire will go around the bale. You should be able to find this distance on the specification sheet for your baler.
  2. Find the proper gauge by the material you are baling. If your material has a lot of memory (the amount the material springs back) than you will require a heavier gauge baling wire.
  3. Know the type of baling wire your baler requires. If you are using a vertical baler or closed door horizontal you will need bale ties in the required length and gauge. If you are using an auto-tie horizontal baler or two-ram baler, you will need either box or coiled wire.
  4. If you require help with your decision, please do not hesitate to call our inside sales staff at 888-8-BALERS (225977) or email at sales@elyent.com.
box wire 1

Baling wire we carry includes:

Single Loop Bale Ties - Lengths between 10-22 Feet / Gauges Between 11-14 Available in Galvanized, Black Annealed or KleenGreen

100# Boxes of Auto-Tie Baling Wire – Available in 10-12 Gauges (Black Annealed or Galvanized)

Coil Wire for Two Ram Balers Available in 11 & 12 Gauges



Additional Baling Wire Items:

We are happy to help make operating your baler easier.  We offer a couple of items that can help you with baler operation.

Hefti Lift

Hefti-Lift Hydraulic Lift

The Hefti Lift is perfect for those heavy 100 pound boxes or coils of wire for your auto-tie balers.  This unit will make putting the wire in place much easier and increase the efficiency of your operation.

Bale Tie Tool

Bale Tie Tool

 This bale tie tool, will make tying off bales with heavy gauge wire a breeze.  This tool will speed up the time it takes to tie off bales and make using heavy gauge wire easier to use. 


If you are interested in Baling Wire,
please contact our sales staff at
888-8-BALERS (22-5377),
or email at sales@elyent.com.

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